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Wieliczka Salt Mine for my Krakow Hen Weekend


  • Tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Local guide
  • Return transfer
  • Available in English, German, Italian, Polish

Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow : Information

Spend some time at the breathtaking Wieliczka Salt Mine during your Hen Weekend in Krakow.

As one of the first 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites this 700-year-old salt mine attracts millions of visitors each year and for good reason. In its 1.5 miles of twisting corridors, you will see shafts and labyrinth like passageways, displays of historic salt-mining technology, an underground lake and four chapels. There are also numerous salt statues carved by miners, and more recent sculptures by contemporary artists.

Situated 135-metres, or 800 steps, underground the guide will navigate you through the vast network of historic mining tunnels, saline lakes, and intricate salt sculptures that have been carved over centuries.

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