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Butler in the Buff

Good service is so hard to find...

Said no one ever when refering to  the amazing, sexy and very charming Butlers in the Buf! 

Celebrate your hen party in style as you sit and relax and get waited on by a very sexy half-naked butler. This Butler in the Buff is sure to heat up the hen weekend celebrations.

Drink, laugh and enjoy the view as your butler, wearing nothing but a tiny apron waits on you and the girls. Whatever you need, he is there to serve and deliver!

A Butler in The Buff is a fantastic addition to a Hen Party and will turn your event into a truly memorable one, from fun to flirty and fabulous!

Charming, innocent and just a little cheeky. Enjoy, we know we would!

What is Butler in the Buff:

Just in case it's not 100 percent clear on what this amazing activity is. Butler in the Buff is exactly what it sounds like, toned, sexy and tanned men whose mission in life is to serve hen parties and fulfil their every need!

Well, 'needs' within reason and generally having something to do with delightful service, fun hen party games, photos, drinking and serving drinks. 

Your butler is there to serve and deliver, he'll fulfil duties from making cocktails, helping with hen party games, topping up your champagne flute, posing for photos and even he'll even feed you if you desire. Great photo opportunity if you have grapes or chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Of course, he'll be doing all of this while only wearing a bowtie, white cuffs and a very, very revealing little apron!

Completely innocent and just a bit of cheeky fun for your hen weekend, Butler in the Buff is truly unique and a hen weekend favourite. Find out below where we offer this hen weekend trea! 

Destinations for this activity