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Combat Archery

It's time for battle!

Think archery, think paintball, think dodgeball and then combine those thoughts to get Combat Archery for your hen weekend.

The latest battle activity that sees you fire and dodge projectiles...the same great fun as paintball minus the mess and pain.

Perfect for a hen weekend...

You and the girls will split into teams and then the mayhem begins as teams go head to head firing soft tip arrows at each other.

These arrows are completely safe and after some advice and training, we'll allow you to practice your new found skills on moving targets, better known as your friends!!

The game starts with a mad dash to the centre of the playing field to collect your arrows, this area is a neutral and safe zone where you can't be eliminated, but once you run back to your base it's right back into the action!

And believe us, it's not as easy as it sounds - but it is so much more fun and guaranteed to bring out your competitive side. The idea is to eliminate all members of the opposing team or hit all 5 of your opponent's cones, or both!

Mess-free and virtually paintless, Combat Archery, also known as Archery Tag, is perfect for some competitive fun, a few laughs and some banter during a hen weekend. 

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