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Outdoor Escape Mission


  • 1-8 players per game
  • Multiple teams can play at the same time
  • ESCAPE GAME combines the Escape Room with Geocaching
  • The mission can be in English
  • Professional equipment
  • iPad for the duration of the game 

Outdoor Escape Mission in Krakow : Information

Take part in an adventure that goes beyond walls and goes to the vibrant streets of Krakow during.

More than just an Escape Room, this Outdoor Escape Mission will have you solving puzzles and riddles throughout the concrete jungle. 

Solve puzzles and watch the world around you change with the use of Augmented Reality technology on your iPad. The guys have taken the fun of an Escape Room to a whole new level. If you and the girls want to try something new and love adventure, this Outdoor Escape Mission is for you.

About the Outdoor Escape Mission in Krakow:

In this Outdoor Escape Mission, you'll secret agents with the mission of saving the city from total annihilation. You’ll be looking for hints and riddles on the streets of Krakow and thanks for GPS-geocaching you’ll never get lost even if you’re not familiar with the city!

You’ll meet not only virtual helpers (thanks to modern technology but also real enemies and allies during your mission to save the city's entire population.

This is an adventure you’ll never forget!

12 people
2 Nights


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