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Hen Party Photoshoot & Makeovers for my Stuttgart Hen Weekend

Hen Party Photoshoot & Makeovers in Stuttgart : Information

While your hen weekend in Stuttgart won't last forever, some great photos will and that's exactly what you'll get in this Hen Party Photoshoot & Makeovers.

A professional makeup artist will be on hand to help teach you all about makeup, as well as complete your makeovers. They will have their own makeup, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

After you have been pampered and preened to perfection, it's time to jump in front of the camera and do your thing!

A great hen party activity for your hen weekend in Stuttgart and an even better momento!

Hen Party Photoshoot & Makeovers in Stuttgart : Includes

  • 3-4-hour event
  • Exclusive to your group
  • Professional makeup artists to teach and assist with makeovers
  • Photographer
  • Photos available after the event

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