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Escape Room or your Bordeaux Hen Weekend


  • Escape Room
  • Instructor
  • City centre location
  • Escape Room reserved for your group
  • Riddles to solve to find the exit
  • Groups of 2 to 5 people per room (10 people max on the same enigma)
  • 15 people maximum

Escape Room in Bordeaux : Information

Oh, the Escape Room...

Are you and the girls looking for a fun and exhilarating alternative to the traditional hen party activities for the hen weekend in Bordeaux?  Something that will have you all working together in a new and fast-paced environment, which is also guaranteed to also bring out your competitive streak?

Then put the Sherlock caps on and look no're heading to the Escape Room!

Locked in a room, you'll have an hour on the clock to hunt for clues and solve puzzles in order to escape and make your bid for freedom...

From the moment the door closes and locks behind you to solving your first clue and eventually escaping and seeing daylight again, you'll have your heart racing and blood pumping during throughout this Escape Room during the Bordeaux Hen Weekend. 

Almost anything in your surroundings may be used in your race against the clock to escape, so pay attention and have fun.

Just remember some clues are there to throw you off, so good luck...and remember the bride-to-be has a wedding to catch!

12 people
2 Nights


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