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Striptease Workshop for my Amsterdam Hen Weekend


  • 2-hour Striptease Workshop
  • Centrally located venue
  • Professional instructor
  • Minimum of 10 people

Striptease Workshop in Amsterdam : Information

YES, it's time for this Striptease Workshop!

Because it's time to channel your sexy side during your hen weekend in Amsterdam with this fun, flirty and lighthearted Striptease Workshop!

By the end of the session, you will be able to drive your partner crazy with your new moves. In this two-hour workshop you can be as dirty or as clean as you want, but either way, it's a hilarious afternoon with the girls.

Guaranteed to have the girls giggling and your other halves drooling, this Striptease Workshop is the perfect hen party activity for your prenuptial celebrations in Amsterdam. 

The History of Stripping and Stripteases

Don't worry, there will be no boring history lessons during this 2-hour Striptease Workshop on your Amsterdam Weekend. However, you'll probably find some amazing history and artefacts at the Erotic Museum or the museum of prostitution, Red Light Secrets, which also exhibits on the history of Amsterdam's sex-work industry.

Now for that 'boring history' stuff...

Early AF -

If you are one to read the Bible, getting “paid” for dancing erotically can be traced back to as early as the big book. It's said the daughter of the Jewish Princess Herodias seductively performed the Dance of the Seven Veils to please King Herod during his birthday celebration. Herod was so impressed with (and probably so aroused by) the dance that he granted the daughter anything she desired. 

But some historical accounts of erotic dancers date back even further than the bible. The earliest evidence of exotic dancing can be traced to Paleolithic cave paintings in the south of France. And, when we say 'back', we mean way back, like 20,000 years ago kind of back. Archaeologists uncovered miniature statuettes of exotic dancers near the Black Sea regions of Bulgaria and Romania that date back to the New Stone Age, or Neolithic Era.

Of course, they weren't alone, erotic dancers are also well documented throughout the height of the Greek and Roman Empires.

14th Century - 

Fast forward a few centuries to the 14th century and head over the sea to the Middle East and the art form of belly dancing was in full swing. While no items of clothing are removed, it is still considered erotic dancing and is considered one of the first time women were paid cash for their erotic dancing services. During this time, erotic dancing was also common in the temples of India in the form of sacred rituals.

18th and 19th Century - 

In the 18th century, sensuality and eroticism reigned supreme throughout Europe where ladies of the court were paid to erotically entertain the menfolk as they dined during celebrations and banquets. These female courtesans popularised the fan as a sensual prop, which they used to accent their titillating and erotic dance moves.

'So get your ass up, show me how you burlesque'

Fast forward to more modern times and you'll get to when erotic dancing blossomed in Britain in the late 1800s with the rise of British Burlesque Houses! 

Originally, burlesque performances were a full-on show that included a combination of music, singing, humour, dance, theatrics and sexual parody.  Women undressing in a sensual manner were only part of the show, but that didn't last too long! Over time, burlesque shows began focusing mainly on suggestive sexual dances, and routines turned raunchy. Women became more uninhibited and the acts became more risqué.

The early roots of modern stripping first appeared in the late 1800s when a new form of erotic dancing evolved to include a striptease. As the name suggests, women slowly undressed, layer by layer, to titillate and tease in a blatant sexually-suggestive manner as they revealed more and more of their flesh, down to pasties and a G-string covering up the essentials.

Around the same time period, the French cancan appeared in Paris and was made famous at the Moulin Rouge cabaret. 

The 1920s saw a new twist to the striptease with the addition of pole dancing. However, it was not until the 1950s that Pole Dancing was first inside bars and while Stripping was slowly seeping into the American sex industry and becoming a staple, strip clubs were frequently raided and shut down for clashing with decency laws, and religious groups did everything in their power to stop these 'devilish' establishments.

The 1960s and 1970s saw a steep rise in the number of strip clubs as society was going through a sexual revolution and becoming more accepting of displayed sexuality, and the strip club survived despite public protest and strict city regulations.

During the 1970s and 1980s, almost all strip clubs incorporated poles onstage to accommodate pole dancing. Around this time, there was another 'addition' to the industry...BIG BOOBS! Breast enlargement surgery became enormously popular with women in the business as big breasts became synonymous with strippers.

And, since the liberal years of the 1970s and 1980s, erotic dancing and all things sex industry related have continued to grow, especially in Amsterdam...

There really is no better place to learn how to sensually and erotically dance than in Amsterdam with this Striptease Workshop! 


So now you have the history to go along with this Striptease Workshop during your prenuptial celebrations in Amsterdam. You'll also have an English-speaking choreographer and Maximise taking a change of clothes with you or dressing up for the occasion. Just remember you need to be able to move, so maybe nothing too tight. 

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Hen Weekend in Amsterdam, this Striptease Workshop or any of Maximise's Hen Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas. 

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