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Cocktail Making for my Newcastle Hen Weekend


  • 90-minute private event
  • Centrally located
  • Your very own barman for the whole event
  • Demonstration cocktails to try
  • Background information on the cocktails being made, ingredients used etc.
  • Choose from the extensive menu and recreate your drinks behind the bar
  • Your session will include some great games
  • An assortment of nibbles included
  • Minimum of 8 people required for this experience
  • Usual time slots available - 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm
  • Pregnant women can be catered for with a variety of non alcoholic cocktails

Cocktail Making in Newcastle : Information

A class you'll definitely want to attend, our Cocktail Making class is the kind of education your taste buds will appreciate!

Without a doubt one of our Hen Party favourites, and a true crowd pleaser, Cocktail Making is a staple of the Hen Weekend and a guaranteed winner with the girls. The activity is held in a popular gastropub or bar located in the city centre.

The event takes around 90 minutes from start to finish so this really is the ideal way to indulge in the art of Mixology.

During the Cocktail Making there will be a fully qualified barmen present and he will be able to offer expert knowledge and guidance on a number of cocktails. There is an extensive menu of drinks to mix, although you could always put your imagination to the test and try to come up with your own signature drink!

After the masterclass, relax with the girls and enjoy some delicious nibbles, which are great for soaking up some of that alcohol! The best part is you don't have to travel anywhere for post class drinks, the bar is barely a stones throw away.

Why choose Cocktail Making for a Hen Weekend?

It isn't just the mixing and making you can look forward to, its the drinking as well! You'll get a cocktail on arrival as well as being able to drink anything you mix, so hopefully that will motivate you to make something tasty rather than nasty!

If you chose to do another activity you would most likely head to the bar afterwards... But with Cocktail Making you don't have to move, you're already at the bar! Also the bar is right in the city centre so you have good access to other pubs and clubs if you fancied going somewhere different.

You and the girls are getting ready for a big night ahead so pre drinks will be a welcome addition to the Hen Weekend.

Some of the Cocktails you might want to make:

Our supplier has an extensive list of Cocktails available for you to try to make (and drink!) and we are going to highlight just a few of our favourites.

First is a real favourite, the Cosmopolitan and it includes Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry, Lime, Sugar Cane Syrup and Orange Mist. The first part is pretty simple, just chill the glass, mix your ingredients into a shaker, shake for 20 seconds before straining it into the glass. Now for the not-so-simple part! Cut an orange peel, warm it with a match and then bend it to release oil, which will ignite a flame on the surface of the drink. But reading about it is no fun at all - try it yourself, we don't want to spoil it!

Next up is a Cherry Boulevardier. A delicious cocktail, the Cherry Boulevardier consists of Bourbon Whiskey, Martini Rosso, Aperol, Cherry Syrup, Angostura bitters and Orange Mist. This cocktail follows the rule of 'simple is better', all you need to do is mix, strain and enjoy... no need for pyrotechnics!

Another one of our favourites, and another very popular choice is the Long Island Iced Tea. The ingredients include Vodka, Cointreau, Gin, Bacardi Rum, Reposado Tequila, Lemon and Coke. If you're looking for a drink to get the night started then you just have to give it a go! It isn't too hard to make, just mix the ingredients carefully, add ice until cold and then add the coke afterwards.

Some other great activities to do in Newcastle:

A Hen Weekend in Newcastle is a must do for any group of girls and it would be wrong if we recommended activities without first mentioning the Geordie Games.

Some of our other favourites include Afternoon Tea, Afternoon Tease and Dance Class, Dinner and Club Entry package.

Good to Know:

All of that crafting, mixing and making is bound to make any girl hungry, with that in mind how about adding a 2 Course or 3 Course Meal to the Cocktail Making class?

A minimum of 8 people are required for this activity.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Hen Party in Newcastle, this Cocktail Making activity, or any of Maximise's Hen Weekend Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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