Foot Bulle 5/5 BXL in Brussels : Information

Fresh air, some competition and some hilarious-bubbly action!

You're going to need a camera for this fast-paced and hilarious hen party activity because you're going to want to watch this again and again.

Bubble Football is the latest activity taking the hen party circuit by storm and it's the perfect activity for your hen in Brussels.

The aim of the game is to score as many goals against the opposing team...or is it?

You'll split into teams and each of you will don a giant inflatable ball. Then it's time for the mayhem to begin.

Tackles fly in from every direction sending everybody flying, it's unique and most importantly hilariously competitive and fun.

Foot Bulle 5/5 BXL in Brussels : Includes

  • Field hire/venue hire
  • Showers and Changing rooms
  • All equipment provided
  • Return Transfers provided
  • Max weight of 105kg

Foot Bulle 5/5 BXL in Brussels : Service(s) Includes

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Day #1
No transfer
No accommodation
Day #2
No accommodation
Day #3
No transfer
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