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Combat Archery


  • Combat Archery
  • 1-hour of activity
  • Exclusive to your group
  • 1 instructor to supervise the group
  • Music
  • Water
  • Instructions and safety briefing
  • Changing rooms with shower

Combat Archery in Barcelona : Information

Sick of the usual hen party activities, but don't have it in you to do something too crazy?

Combat Archery is the perfect balance between trying something new and adrenaline-pumping without causing your friends too much pain or dames.

It's somewhat dodgeball except you're using bows and using soft-tip arrows.

Like Dodgeball, you split into teams, don some protective gear and then attempt to eliminate one another by a direct shot. 

Sounds simple enough, but the accuracy goes out the window when you're attempting to dodge enemy fire. They won't cause the same pain as paintball or the same bruises, but they still pack a little punch. Perfect for some healthy competition amongst the girls during the Barcelona hen weekend. 

12 people
2 Nights


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