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Beer Bike for my Barcelona Hen Weekend


  • 1 litre of beer per person (or sangria if you prefer)
  • One-hour activity
  • Maximum 16 persons
  • Host and music
  • Return transfer is from and to Las Ramblas
  • The place of the activity can change up until 1h before the activity. This can be due to availability, time of year, weather etc. However, you will be notified and your transfers should remain at Las Ramblas. 


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Beer Bike in Barcelona : Information

Boozing and cruising all in one for your hen weekend in Barcelona with the famed Beer Bike!

This unique mode of transport enables you and the girls to take in some in the fresh air and enjoy Barcelona while sipping refreshing beer on your hen weekend in this sunny Spanish city!

Don't worry about driving, that's left to the sober driver, all you have to do is drink, peddle and have fun.

One of our favourite hen party activities and the perfect activity to enjoy the outdoors without compromising on drinking time or chit-chat time.


We will organise return transfer to and from Las Ramblas as the Beer Bike takes place outside the city centre.

The place of the activity can change up until 1h before the activity. This can be due to availability, time of year, weather etc. However, you will be notified and your transfers should remain at Las Ramblas.

Please note, that like a number of European Cities, Barcelona has imposed regulations regarding where the Beer Bike can travel, unfortunately, this means it is banned from main roads and should not be considered a sightseeing tour. In saying that, the Beer Bike is still a top activity and guaranteed to be a hit during the hen weekend in Barcelona.

About the Beer Bike:

While drink driving is very much frowned upon pretty much everywhere in the world, the famed Beer Bike has made it possible for beer-loving hen parties to cruise and booze -and it's an absolute must when it comes to stag do in Barcelona. given its popularity throughout Spain, you might be led to believe this fantastic mode of drinking transportation was invented in the country, but it was in fact invented in Amsterdam in the late 1990s.

So, regardless of where you are in the world or whether you call in a Fietscafe, Pedal Crawler, Pedibus, Cycle Pub, Bierbike, Megacycle, or Birriciclo, the original and first Beer Bike came from Amsterdam!

There are two different stories about how the Beer Bike came about. The first and most widely known and believed is about Zwier van Laar. It is said the Dutchman invented the first Beer Bike as a way to help the owner of a local pub who wanted to promote his pub at a locale parade on Queens Day. And, it clearly worked!

The next theory is far less factual and believable, but we kind of wish it was true. The second story states that some ridiculously intoxicated men were biking to their village from their local pub with a lot of beer. As you can imagine, they were stopped by the police and arrested. And, despite being drunk, they didn't love the idea of leaving their precious bikes on the side of the road so they got loaded into the police van along with the drunks. Apparently, in the back of the van, the men began to come up with different ideas about how to fix their situation.

They thought if there was some kind of vehicle where they could drink and ride at the same time, they would not be stopped by the police. More importantly, less beer would be spilt and that was their main concern as riding and drinking saw a lot of beer going to waste.

Regardless of how the Beer Bike came about, it's one of the best activities on offer, in not just Barcelona, but a number of our Hen Party Destinations, and guaranteed to be a hit during your hen weekend.

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Hen Weekend in Barcelona, this Beer Bike activity or any of Maximise's Hen Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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