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Hen Dinner With A Stripper for my Budapest Hen Weekend

Hen Dinner With A Stripper in Budapest : Information

The perfect way to get your Budapest hen weekend celebrations in Budapest off to a fantastic start!

An evening of entertainment awaits you and the girls in a top, centrally located restaurant. 

Upon arrival, a waiter will show you to your private table where you can then tuck into a delicious 3-course meal with an extra sweet dessert!

 Dessert will then come in the form of a fabulously naked man who will perform solely for you and the girls, all the while giving the hen some extra special attention... yum!

Hen Dinner With A Stripper in Budapest : Includes

  • 3-course meal
  • 2 glasses of wine each
  • Meal in a private room
  • 1 male stripper
  • English speaking guide

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