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The Wildest Hen Weekend Activities

Have you been tasked with the duty of being a Bride's Maid or Main of Honour? And by 'tasked', we, of course, mean blessed...

Sure, it's a big role with lots to do and you can expect to spend a lot of time discussing wedding plans, dresses, flower arrangements and everything else wedding related, as well as being an emotional rock at all times.

But, this amazing moment also means planning a fantastic hen weekend for your bestie!

And not just any run-of-the-mill hen weekend, a hen weekend that is memorable, amazing and complete with some seriously wild, adrenaline-seeking and memorable hen party activities.

While it might all seem like a lot, this is a truly wonderful experience - especially when it comes to planning a hen weekend and organising some amazing hen party activities. And, besides the Maximise team is always here to help.

So, for something more original, fun, wild and absolutely memorable, have a look at some of these fantastic and wild hen party activities. 

Wild inflatable fun for your hen weekend

These wild hen party  activities are sure to get the pulse racing, adrenaline pumping and giggles in full-force.

If you have ever watched TV Gameshow hits like Gladiators, It's a Knockout and Total Wipeout and thought "I could do that" – well, you can use the hen weekend as your chance to put that theory to the test with these Hen Party activities everybody's talking about.

Geordie Games - If Ant and Dec presented total Wipeout, you'd probably get something similar to the Geordie Games. With a grand total of 7 unique and equally wild challenges to take on, the Newcastle Hen Weekend will be anything but boring!

Some of the hilarious games include The Geordie Ale Run, Kebab Shop Duel, On Ya Bike, Geet Massive Sumo Marras, Geordie Bumpers, Sling Ya Hook and Pi**ed up Pitch and Toss.

Only available in Newcastle.

Water Wipeout - This Water Wipeout activity is a sure fire way to banish any fuzzy heads as you and your fellow hens spend the day taking on a series of wild and hilarious water activities including slides, trampolines, swings, balancing beams and many more during the Hen Weekend in Benalmadena.

And you'll do it all while floating on the Mediterranean sea!

This is amazing activity combines sun, sea and some wild hen party shenanigans for a hen weekend in Benalmadena... Perfect!

It's a Knockout - Take a trip back in time and become a contestant in one of the most insane activities in the world during your hen weekend.

Although there's no cameras or TV deal, you and the rest of your hen party will feel like contestants on the hit TV show, It's a Knockout during your hen weekend with this wonderful and wild hen party activity.

What could be more fun than taking on some of the craziest inflatable courses and colossal costume games around!

Available in Bournemouth, London, Brighton, Briston, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Totally Wiped Out - Taking its inspiration from the hit TV show Wipeout, Totally Wiped Out will have you and the girls teaming up to compete in six different wild events during your Hen Weekend.

You'll be traversing the Punch Wall, dodging the Sweeper's Arm, and, of course, trying to cross those famous Big Red Balls.

The Totally Wiped Out Hen Party activity is available in Antwerp, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Sheffield. 

Mersey Games - Think, it's 'Its a Knockout' but with a very wild Liverpool twist!

You'll split into teams and compete against each other in a series of Liverpool themed games that will see the girls going head to head to be crowned winners and accept first prize!

Games such as The Grand National, Ferry 'cross the Mersey, Matthew Street Challenge, You'll Never Walk Alone, Penny Lane Bowling, Scouse Duel, Mersey Shower & The Derby are absolutely hilarious and will be perfect for you and the girls on your wild hen weekend.

Fancy dress can be provided and photos will be taken throughout the day and available for download afterwards. Subject to Liverpool or Manchester only.

Similarly, Maximise also has West Country Games in Bristol, Medieval Mayhem in Nottingham and Welsh Games in Cardiff.

From Totally Wiped Out to the Medieval Mayhem or Water Wipeout in Benalmadena, these are activities are the perfect combo of mud, water, adrenalin, competition and plenty of great memories. 

Tank Driving in Budapest

If regular driving activities aren't wild enough for you, this Tank Driving activity in Budapest will be everything you want and more.

Besides, a hen weekend in Budapest should be anything but ordinary!

In fact, it should be wild and full of new experiences. Which is exactly what this Tank Driving activity will be!

If you really want to make the hen weekend unique and filled with a ton of wild and great memories, give the bride-to-be the chance to drive a tank. It doesn't get much better than that!

After a demonstration round, the Maid of Honour and the bride-to-be will get the chance to get behind the wheel and take these beasts for a spin. The rest of the hen party will enjoy the ride!

Tank Driving is also available inNottingham, Leeds, Prague, Bratislava and Zagreb.

Smash a car in Amsterdam

As wild as smashing a car might be, you and the girls can take pleasure in destroying a car, with all your strength, without facing any consequences during the hen weekend in Amsterdam.

And, it's all thanks to the slightly ridiculous and wild activity that is Car Smash.

Car Smash will see you loaded up with various weapons for smashing, bashing and busting up a car. Sort of like anger management, we can't recommend it enough, especially for the hen parties who've done everything before.

Car Smash is also on offer in Berlin, Budapest, Hamburg, Prague, Cologne and Bratislava.

Wild, Wet, Fun and Fantastic Canyoning

 If you’re looking for an exciting, physical and wild activity on the hen weekend, then this is the one for you. Canyoning is an adrenaline-pumping blend of climbing, walking, jumping, abseiling and swimming. Ad all done in a spectacular setting for your hen weekend.

Canyoning is a guaranteed winner with hen parties, especially if they are the outdoors type, sports enthusiasts or thrill seekers wanting a fun and wild activity.

For a hen party activity that will take your breath away and give you a nature kick, you can't go past the amazing and wild Canyoning activity during your hen do.

You'll find Maximise Canyoning in Marbella, Valencia, Algarve, Nice, Cardiff, Montpellier and Swansea.

Handgun Shooting in Prague

Now we’re talking!

You and the girls will get your hands on some real wild weapons as you head to the shooting range and try your hand at target shooting. You’ll get a full safety briefing before you get to fire four different guns at paper targets and see who has the crack shot.

This is something most people will never get to do in their entire lives, so it’s a great chance to do something wild and unforgettable on your hen weekend!

We also offer great Maximise Hen Party Shooting Activities in Amsterdam, Berlin, Gdansk, Hamburg, Krakow and Munich.

Wild Watersports

When the sun is shining and the mercury is rising, there is no better way to spend the day than getting the heart racing with some wild watersports.

Whether it's fast-paced or getting high in the sky, Maximise's range of wild watersports is set to impress.

Among the favourites there are:

Flyboard - Make the hen do blast off, literally, with a flyboard flight! This once in a lifetime opportunity gives you the ability to propel yourself 12 - 14-metres high into the air using powerful cannons of water.
Flyboard is available in Prague, Valencia, Malta, Montpellier, Algarve, Tenerife, Bratislava, Ibiza, Barcelona and Amsterdam

Parasailing in Barcelona - Treat the bride-to-be to a thrill-seeking flight above the Mediterranean Sea during her Hen Weekend in the sun-kissed city of Barcelona with Parasailing.
The lucky bride-to-be will hop on a speedboat, reaching speeds of up to 70mph before soaring through the sky and getting a birdseye view of Barcelona, the magnificent shoreline and more.
Group Parasailing is also available and Parasailing activities are also available in Algarva, Malta, Ibiza, Tenerife, Costa Brava and Benidorm.

In addition to Parasailig, Maximise also offers Paragliding in Lisbon, Benidorm and Gdansk.

Hydrospeed in Nice - Jump into fast-flowing white water rapids with nothing but a small float as you descend down a river at extremely hour speeds during your hen weekend in Nice.
Think white water rafting minus the raft, because you are the raft. Equipped with a foam floater, flippers and a wet suit that has additional padding and protection, you'll discover the unique sensation of surfing down white water rapids.

Other favourite wild watersport activities include the Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Crazy Sofa and Rafting or White Water Rafting.

Maximise's Wild Hen Party Driving Experiences

For the ladies that can kick it with the lads, love the smell of burnt rubber and want to put the pedal to the metal on their hen weekend, these wild hen party driving activities are for you.

Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience in Newcastle - Spin, skid and slide your way around a custom-built stunt driving arena during your Maximise Hen Weekend in Newcastle.
You and the girls will learn some impressive stunt moves including a handbrake turn, doughnuts, doughnut roulette and the amazing handbrake parallel park.

Blind Driving - This is seriously a wild one, the name says it all, you'll be driving B.L.I.N.D, blind!!!!!
The driver is completely reliant on the rest of the bride's tribe (co-drivers) for instructions to safely navigate the vehicle through the course. It's definitely one hen party activity that will test you and your team's skills to the limit.
Blind Driving is available in Bournemouth, Reading, Oxford, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and York.

Hovercraft - Just let that sink in for a minute!
This is the most out there, extraordinary and wild driving experience you're going to find on your hen weekend.
If you're looking for all those features on your last weekend of freedom, then look no further!
Well, unless you've found a spaceship experience, otherwise a Hovercraft Driving experience is it!
Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh are just a few of the hen party destinations you can find this amazing activity. 

Everything is a little wilder when it comes to getting 'high'

A hen weekend is all about partying with your besties, celebrating the upcoming nuptials and doing things that you wouldn't normally get the chance to do that border on the verge or crazy.

These activities are all about the latter!

Bungee Jumping - Yes, Yes and hell Yes!
The time has come to arrange for the bride-to-be to have her life flash before her eyes as a rite of passage before she enters into the world of holy matrimony with Bungee Jumping during her hen weekend.

Bungee Jumping is available as a group activity or just for the hen in Prague, Hvar, Gdansk, Split, Lisbon, Madrid, Krakoa, Edinburgh and Krakow.

Sky Diving - And we are not talking about the indoor kind!
No this is the real deal for the hen weekend, the jumping out of a plane kind of Sky Diving!
Slightly crazy, slightly amazing and very hen weekend worthy. There is nothing more memorable than a 4000-metre Tandem Skydive experience during a hen weekend. Trust us, this isn't something the bride-to-be will forget in a hurry.

Maximise Hen Party Sky Diving is available in Rome, Hvar and Budapest.

Hot Air Balloon in Barcelona - This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the stunning views this city has to offer as well as explore Barcelona from a completely new perspective.

Smashing a room to pieces in France

Ever wanted to take a bat to a room and smash it to pieces?

Well, now you can during you Maximise Hen Weekend in Bordeaux or Paris with this ridiculous and slightly insane Smash Room activity.

So, forget about the wine, pastries or pampering. Get crashing, bashing and smashing with the Smash Room activity.

The room is far from stripped bare either, there will be chairs, tables, crockery, TVs, computers, the full works for you to smash into a thousand pieces.

So, there you have the Maximise list of Wild Hen Party Activities and Ideas, for more information on a Maximise Hen Weekend, these Wild Activities, or any Hen Party Destination or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.

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