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5 Bridezillas Who Desperately Need A Reality Check

Wedding bells or alarm bells...you decide!

We’ve all heard about women who turn from pleasant, sane and reasonable girlfriends into full-blown maniacs in the lead up to their big day.

And we get it, it's their big day, it's stressful, the family is there, etcetera, etcetera. Plus, they have probably invested a ton of money and want things to go perfectly. But, we think these women have taken it a step too far. And, by a step, we mean about a hundred steps too far.

Here are 5 bridezillas who desperately need a reality check!

1. This bride who quickly went from wife to divorcee

We never knew how serious the whole cutting of the cake thing was until now...

“I worked at a reception venue. One event really sticks out. Everything went well until the cake. Bride & groom go to feed each other, she does it very nicely, he smashes it into her face. The bride screams and starts bawling her eyes out and runs out of the hall.

15 or so minutes later the father of the bride comes and asks the DJ for the mic. He proceeds to thank everyone for coming and says that if they would like to take their gifts on the way out, the couple has decided to break up.

I’m sure there were issues leading up to the event, but the bride had told everyone including the groom that if he smashed the cake in her face, it was over. She wasn’t lying.”

2. A bride, a dress shop and a baby...oh baby!

We thought helping someone find their dream wedding dress would be an incredibly rewarding job...Boy were we wrong!

“Well, this story is about the craziest girl I've ever seen in the store. I was not the consultant helping this girl thank god.

It started off pretty normal. She came in looking for wedding gowns with her aunt and mother and was pleasant and kind. As she started to narrow down her selection, things begun to get weird. While she had one she clearly loved, her aunt expressed that she liked one of the other dresses better.

She decides to put the dress her aunt loves on anyway and completely flips out...in a good way. She's crying, she says she loves it, that this is definitely the gown for her. We write up the receipt and proceed to process the order.

Now, what many don't know about wedding gowns is that they take 6-8 months to come in. Yes, it's a long time, but we only work with designers who make the dress when ordered. During this time period, we don't see or hear from the bride at all.

So her dress comes in, somewhere between 6-8 months after her initial appointment. She comes in to see it and BAM she's five months pregnant. No warning, no call or email saying 'hey, I'm super pregnant you guys, just thought you should know since you ordered an expensive gown for me and all.'

Again, we're all stunned and panicking because she's going to be full freaking term during her wedding and the dress is going to be almost 4 sizes too small.

But no biggie, we want to help her, she was so kind before, she'll work with us to make this dress work. She says she wants to put the dress on, but we advise her it would be best to wait so we can put gussets (extra pieces of fabric on the side to make the dress bigger) in or make it a lace-up or something to give room for her belly. But she insists, so we help her slip it on (unzipped of course) and she immediately starts running her mouth.

'I hate this stupid dress, it's so ugly and poorly made, it was probably sitting in a factory somewhere gathering dust. And just look at me, I'm having the worst time with my pregnancy and this just tops it off, how could you even let me put this on? I would have never bought it if you didn't convince my aunt. This dress is the worst and I can't believe I even bought this.'

You can imagine our surprise and anger, I'm sure. Not a single person forced her to buy this gown, not even her aunt. And it's not our fault you got pregnant and didn't tell anyone, how could we help you if you kept us in the dark?

It gets to a point where several of us want to punch her mouth off so she would stop shit-talking, so one of the owners (husband and wife duo) comes out of the backroom and tells her that she is welcome to take the dress out of the store because they will not be doing any more business with someone who thinks so poorly of their store. She is appalled at this point and begins to scream about how they could do this and where is she going to take the dress and blah blah blah. The owner repeats that it isn't our problem at this point, so she rips the dress off, storms out of the store, and proceeds to stand right in front of the door, screaming into her phone for 15 minutes.

We thought she was talking to her mom or something, but then everything starts to go insane. All of a sudden, an ambulance and cop cars come speeding into the parking lot and right in front of the bride. Turns out, she called the ambulance because she was having panic attacks and in extreme pain because of the baby (at this point I started to feel bad for her) and blamed it on us for inducing stress or some shit (no longer felt bad for her), hence the cops.

The cops come into the store, and the owners come strolling out and wave to their good friends. What the bride didn't know was that the owners are basically BFFs with the local police department because they've been called to the store numerous times (sometimes brides go batshit and the owners call the police for some help). The owners explained the situation, the cops assured them nothing is going to come out of this, how could anyone be liable for causing panic attacks? From outside of the store, the bride sees us being all chummy and is FUMING. She pushes the EMTs away from her (panic attack and pain, my ass), storms to her car screaming about how much she hates her dress and the store and speeds off.

And that my friends, was the first and last time the cops were called on us. I'm really not sure what happened with her wedding, but man do I feel bad for her husband and baby, she must be a nightmare to live with.”

3. A 'Wee' little problem for this Bride

This bride needed to see the above photo before her wedding and so did the bridesmaids...maybe it would have helped...maybe not...we'll never know...

"She slapped me in the mouth in the restroom during the reception. She had this massive, billowing explosion of organza as a skirt. It was beautiful but utterly impractically designed: it took at least three of us to hold up her skirt so she could pee. She had been drinking on an empty stomach and on the second trip to the rest room with all of us holding this dress up while she hovered drunkenly over a toilet she couldn't see, she ordered me to wipe her.

Ordered. Me. To clean her twat of urine.

I declined.

She slapped me.

The skirt was dropped by all parties while I shouted obscenities at her. She screamed that if I didn't do this for her, this friendship was over! Over!

She tried to apologize years later, but seemed surprised when I was not interested in rekindling our friendship."

4. The bride who was under the impression her guests should pay for her wedding

And we thought the wedding was about love and all that holly matrimony jazz...

Again, were we wrong! 

“Hi Tanya, how are you? I just want to know if there's any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike’s and my wedding that both you and Phil gave $50 each?

In terms of the amount we got from you both, it was very unexpected and as a result we were very much short on paying off the reception because just for the cocktail + reception alone the plate per person is $200 (as per a normal wedding range with open bar is about) and Mike and I both have already paid for everything else including décor, photographer, attire etc and didn’t expect we had to cover that huge amount for reception as well.

As I know you both live together and work, so I did not see any reason for that amount when it comes to your wedding hopefully you’ll know what I mean. I hope for the best as from what we receive is what we will give back. Anyways, good luck on everything.”

5. This bride who is going to have a very lonely hen weekend

Now, in 20-years of planning hen parties and speaking to both bride's and bridesmaids, this is the most insane sh*t we've ever heard...

“To my lovely Bridesmaid [Names removed]

As you all know I picked 10 wonderful ladies to stand by my side, share and make happen my special day to Jake. Each of you individually has a reason and a special place in my heart and why I picked you to be a bridesmaid. We have set our date for Saturday, August 31, 2013, in Vail, Colorado. That seems far away but it really isn’t, the earlier the planning the better. You may have already known that my wonderful sister L— will be the Maid of Honor, she’s in charge under me. Also, my lovely mom will be a big help as well. L— has a big role in throwing me a bridal shower and bachelorette party, of course, all of you guys do but at the end of the day, she's the go to person and makes it happen.

You all have a big roll in this wedding, so before we continue I’m going to be setting some ground rules and its very important you read and think about everything through before you accept this honour to be a bridesmaid. If you guys email anything I would also like you to put L— in the CC. Not all the bridesmaid need to be CC’d unless its coming from me or L—, if it's something everyone needs to see then well do it. We set the date to August 31, 2013, if that’s a problem we need to know NOW. Also by the end of the week, we will be setting dates for the engagement party, bridal show and bachelorette party.

Our wedding party is really the most important people at the wedding besides myself and Jake, so we want every single one of our bridesmaids and grooms at our parties, I have 10, not 8 where two couldn’t make it so if you already know you can't make one of the parties then we have to find someone else, not to be harsh in the slightest it would sadden me and of course you’ll still be invited to our wedding, engagement ect. But it’s different if your not in the wedding party and couldn’t make it. We’ll give everyone well advance dates for the parties and it will always fall on a weekend. The wedding as I stated will be in Vail the engagement party will either be in NY or CT and the bachelorette party will be in Vegas, cliche yeaa but I’ve never been.

A few girls live out of town so if there is going to be a problem with coming to either one then I need to know now because after this week I don’t want to be surprised. I would like everyone to send me any dates they are going away or planning to go away after February so if your going away in January I don’t care. I want any dates from February to the day of our wedding in August, that way we know not to plan something when your away. But after this week the dates are set in stone. Also if money is tight and you can't afford to contribute to say the bachelorette party or won't be able to afford a dress etc then L— and Myself don’t have time to deal with that, I’m sorry. This includes flights as well, everyone knows the states where the parties are going to be held so if you won't be able to afford a flight then that means you can't make a party which ultimately means I can't have you as a bridesmaid. Obviously we’ll get the best deals and were not gonna book flights for $1000 and shit that’s why we're doing this in advance, that goes for bridesmaids dresses as well everything will be affordable but if you think by affordable its going to be a $25 forever 21 dress then your going to the wrong wedding.

If your out of state though don’t think you have to fly in for all fittings, that we will work with you, find stores in your town, get measurements… you don’t have to worry about that. Also if you accept this honor another thing is that you need to be available, I’m not going to harass you with wedding stuff every hour of every day but if its something important and it takes you a week even 2-3 days to get back to me seeeee ya! I don’t have time to wait around for responses, everyone has their phone on them, it shouldn’t take you more than a day to get back to me, even if your out of the country, check your email!

Furthermore, Ever since I could remember I have dreamed about this day all my life. I want to share it with the people that are most important to me. You only get one time to plan your dream wedding and I couldn’t pick a more amazing group of girls to make that dream come true! So please, what’s stated above think about it all and by Wednesday I need to know if everyone is 100% in, and what I have asked about sending me dates if your gonna be away between Feb-Aug I'll need that on Wednesday. If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend one party but can make the rest of them I’m sorry but I’ll have to take you out as a bridesmaid and put you as a guest. If you want to get back to me before Wednesday, that’s fine. Really think about everything I’ve said. This is really going to be the most epic wedding ever so I hope you girls can share this special day with us!


[The Bride]”

And then there are some women, who don’t belong in this bridezilla countdown list because they are bad people generally (as opposed to just a little unhinged)...

“I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid in a relatives wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, her and her hubby got lucky and she conceived.

The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregnant in the pictures. 3 months later, sadly, the woman miscarried. The bride called her with a response along the lines of ‘good, well now you can be back in the wedding.’

Needless to say, she did not even attend it.”

And the crown of insanity goes to...

This girl is extra something!

The story of this Bridezilla first circulated around 2013 when she started an email chain with her bridesmaids. It might be a few years old, but we are yet to find something that tops in..get ready, strap yourselves in because this is insanity at its highest level!

In short, this Bridezilla subjected her bridesmaids to weigh-ins, protein weight gainer diets for those currently skinnier than the bride, strict bed-times, bikini regulations, skin regimes and any hair plans had to be submitted to the bride for pre-approval. As did the speeches.

Here are some of the rules in full:

  • 2. No-one can be skinner than the bride. That means Kelly and Lizzie will be on a protein weight gainer diet exclusively until May. I will have the nutritionist call you to discuss diet plans.
  • 8. Hair cuts: If you plan on chopping off your locks, please submit your proposed new look prior to any actions (this applies to colour as well).
  • 10. Ink: Consider this a moratorium on future tattoos until June 5th. Those of you with visible artwork will be privately contacted with (temporary) removal instructions.

But, shock horror. One of the bridesmaids did not follow rule numero 8, she was called a 'bad little bee' and eventually banished from the bridal party.

Here is how the bride responded:

"Good afternoon all of my faithful bees. It brings me great sadness to write this email but it was brought to my attention that one of my chosen-bees has defected. She is in violation of Rule 8, despite asking permission and having her request denied! The punishment is obviously bridal party banishment"

Get the full storey of crazy from Gawker and if you or any of your friends have any Bridezillas stories, send them into us, we'd love to hear them.

And, if you don't have a Bridezilla on your hands and just want to organise an amazing hen weekend, we can take care of that do. Head to the destination of your choice or give our sales team a call on  0208 236 0111

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