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Southampton Hen Do

Right near the hen do Mecca of Bournemouth, Southampton has plenty to offer you and the girls.

12 people
2 Nights
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With Bournemouth just around the corner, the port city of Southampton is often overlooked as an idyllic hen weekend destination and we're going to put a stop to that!

Amazing shopping, the fancy Ocean Village Marina and a heart-pumping nightlife scene, Southampton is a top location for a hen weekend. There are wonderful sights and a fantastic collection of art and culture. A Hen Weekend in Southampton will be a dream come true!

With great prices for accommodation and a huge range of Hen Weekend activities, we know Southampton will be a great location for you.

On day one of your Hen Weekend, get into the pre-marital spirit with an Afternoon Tease. You and the girls will be in for a treat as you sit down together for traditional Tea, only this time there is a difference, you'll be looked after by your very own Topless Butler! Enjoy the tea, cakes, sandwiches and abs that only the Afternoon Tease can provide.

In the evening, its time to hit up the Southampton club scene. We can sort you out with free Nightclub entry so you don't have to bother with the long queues. If the Hen is missing the Topless Butler how about we get the Bar Crawl Buffs to join you on your night out?

You'll be taken on a guided Bar Crawl and the Buffs, exclusive to your group, will take drink orders and maybe even some other orders from the bride!

Day two of your Hen Weekend is the perfect time to enjoy some activities with the girls and Southampton has you covered once again. With a huge range of activities to choose from its hard to highlight just one!

A top activity of ours is the 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Dance Experience. Just a short distance from your accommodation, you and the girls will have a good laugh, learning different seduction techniques as you kick down the doors of Burlesque! As an added bonus, a handsome, well-dressed man will be strolling in once you've perfected your moves.

Head back to your accommodation to get dressed for the night ahead. Get ready, get classy and take a short cab ride down to the Marina for a Party Cruise! During your 4-hour cruise, you can dance the night away or just chill out with your favourite drink in hand. This is an amazing addition to any Hen Weekend.

Southampton has a smorgasbord of different activities available to you on your Hen Weekend. There are some traditional Hen Party favourites like Cocktail Making and Wine Tasting. These are fantastic activities for the group to all sit together and have a drink in a more chilled, classy manner.

There is also has more recently popularised activities such as; Body Painting or The Butler in the Buff. So for a Hen who likes to lust over some toned, ripped bodies these activities, like Cinderellas shoe, are a perfect fit.

A city with so much culture to offer, Southampton also offers a huge array of dance classes to ensure the girls' moves are up to standard for the club later on!

All centrally located and close to your accommodation, Southampton can offer dance classes for Burlesque, Beyonce (Single Ladies), Salsa, Belly Dancing, Madonna, Bollywood, ABBA, Grease and many, many more of your favourites.

The Nightlife in Southampton is varied and certainly one for the more classy Hen. Speaking of class, one of our top nightlife activities is our Murder Mystery Evening. Enjoy a delicious, private dinner while you and the girls put your detective skills to the test! With a starring role for the Bride-to-be, a choice of themes and the chance to dress up, we're convinced the Murder Mystery Evening will be a great fit for your Hen Weekend.

If you're looking to party hard and party often we have a much more suitable alternative. We'll arrange for a private, VIP Party Booth within a centrally located Southampton Nightclub. Walk around like you own the place because for this night you kinda' do.

Of course, that's not all, the options are practically endless when it comes to a hen weekend in Southampton. From a Guided bar crawl with Buffs to a 3-Couse Dinner to Party Packages and more, it's all on offer for a Hen Weekend in Southampton.

There are some amazing shopping opportunities in Southampton. Starting with Westquay, located in the heart of Southampton, it boasts over 100 stores spread over three shopping levels. There are loads of big-name brands to choose from.

As well as Westquay there is also the Marylands Shopping Centre. Again, it boasts a large number of big-name brands and one of the biggest names of all, The Disney Store! For the Hen who loves a Disney film, this is a must-do trip on your Hen Weekend.

If you want to learn some local history why not head to the SeaCity Museum? This innovative, state-of-the-art museum focuses on Southampton and its connection with the sea, it also highlights the Titanic heritage. Although we doubt Leo will be there...

And if you want to sample some of Southampton's rich culture, check out the Southampton City Art Gallery. The Gallery is celebrated for many reasons, the quality of its pieces and the fact that it houses works of art over 800 years old. All the way from the Renaissance to the present day.

12 people
2 Nights


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