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Rome Hen Do

Italy's capital city is full of delicious food and fine wine, making it the ideal luxury hen do destination.

12 people
2 Nights
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With a plethora of good food, amazing wine, art and architecture on offer, Rome is fast becoming one of Europe's prime destinations for a Hen Weekend. Exploit the excellent shopping opportunities on the Via del Corso and experience the class that only a Hen Weekend in Rome can provide.

When in Rome for your Hen Party enjoy the luxurious nightlife, delicious food and amazing activities as well as catching a glimpse of some of the world’s most famous sights to tick off your bucket list. Brand new to the scene, escape the Hen Party stereotypes on your last weekend of freedom and head to the most classy Hen Weekend known to womankind!

There are all your Hen Weekend favourites available like cocktail making and dance classes as well as some local delights like Italian Cooking Classes. As well as all that, Rome has a bottomless supply of girls best friend, Prosecco.

Get ready for the most classy, exclusive weekend of your life when you go to Rome. Italy's capital is the ideal place for a high-end Hen Weekend and our Limo Airport Transfers are the perfect way to begin. Ride into the city in style as you get a chance to check out a few of the many, many famous sights before being dropped off to your accommodation.

As your in such a culturally rich city like Rome it only makes sense to sample some of that long history and our Historical Guided Tour is the ideal way to do check out the city. The Limo Airport Transfer might take you past a few sites but this tour will allow you to learn a lot more about Rome. Plus, our English Speaking Guide will be able to answer any questions you have, past or present.

After the tour, hit up a few of Rome's bars before heading to the Nightclub for our VIP Table & Bottles Package. You and the girls will show the locals how you hit up the club in style!

On day two of the Hen Weekend sample some delicious Italian Wine with our Wine and Italian Food Tasting activity. When it comes to wining and dining, Rome is one of the best places in the world. This activity takes place in a Wine Cellar in the centre of Rome so you won't have to travel far.

Once you've had your fair share (or more than your fair share!) of wine, take a short walk to one of our many restaurants for a Traditional Italian Dinner. Again, this restaurant is central so you won't have to travel far on your Hen Weekend.

Rome is literally Hen Heaven during the day. There are loads of great places to shop, a fantastic amount of bars, Gelato around every corner and our activities are the tips of the iceberg.

Time to relax on your Hen Weekend with a trip to Fish Spa and allow the Garra Rufa fish to eat all your problems away! By problems, we mean dead skin...

There are plenty of ways to see the city such as Carriage Rides, Guided and Segway Tours. It gives you an idea of where you want to go, as well as seeing some of the sights.

If there was a home for high-end Hen nightlife, it is definitely Rome. Italy's capital is one of the most desirable cities in the world and although it is new to the Hen Party scene, we already know it's going to be outstanding.

As a fairly new player to the Hen Party game, Rome has a somewhat limited, but excellent choice of nightlife for your Hen Weekend. This city has been throwing some of the most lavish, lush parties in the history of humankind so they know what they're doing!

A Hen Weekend in Rome will have you submerged in more style than you could possibly imagine. The ideal way to kick things off is with our two hour Hummer Limousine rental, it's a great chance to see which bars and clubs you want to check out and there is loads of Prosecco on board to get the prenuptial celebrations underway.

A Bar Crawl is our favourite way for a cheap & cheerful night out with the girls. Our English Speaking Guide will take you along to a few bars along the Trastevere area, before ending up in one of Rome's top nightclubs.

You're in one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world so you'll be seeing plenty of historical landmarks. Take the time to see something new by exploiting some of the excellent shopping opportunities on Via del Corso or the more high end Via Condotti. Both of those streets have a variety of brands and the latter include Burberry, Gucci and Chanel among many others.

Although both streets are great places to start, some of the best opportunities of all are located on Via Cola di Rienzo.

Ice Cream! Well, Gelato. Don't you dare call it Ice Cream! It's absolutely delightful and there are all the flavours you're used to back home. Only in Rome they're made better and they taste better, look better, feel better...you get the idea. Everything about Gelato is better!

Head down to the Orto Botanico, Rome's Botanical Gardens stretch over 30 acres and are the ideal place to enjoy some Gelato and a sunbathe before the Hen Party madness continues!

Uh. Duh... The Colosseum? You're in Rome after all. Built in the year 80AD, the Colosseum is one of the Humankind's oldest, present landmarks and is officially registered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Over 6 million people visit each year and we're sure you'll be joining them.

Want to visit another country during your Stag Do in Rome? Head over to Vatican City to see some amazing sights such as the Sistine Chapel, ancient sculptures that once belonged to Pope Julius II, and some of the works of Michelangelo and Raphael as well as many other great attractions.

12 people
2 Nights


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