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Sumo Wrestling, Human Table Football & Beer Keg Racing for my Reading Hen Weekend


  • 2.5 - 3-hour session
  • All equipment & tuition
  • Safety briefing
  • Session of Sumo, Human Table Football & Motorised Beer Kegs
  • Minimum of 10 required 

Sumo Wrestling, Human Table Football & Beer Keg Racing in Reading : Information

This Sumos, Human Table Football & Beer Keg Racing is a hilarious combo that is guaranteed to get your whole party involved during your hen weekend in Reading.

First up it's Sumo Wrestling. Perfect for any competitive group looking for some light-hearted fun.

You will all get the chance to don an inflatable sumo suit before taking to the ring.

Motorised Beer Kegs are powered by an electric engine with top speeds of 8 mph. While these vehicles are not insanely fast, with no brakes, they are insanely fun!

You'll get a practice run before it's time to put the pedal to the medal and hit the race track in a Formula 1-style race that is complete with pit stops.

And Finally, Human Table Football. You loved the game as a kid but now it is time to experience the full human version, which is 30 feet long and 20 feet wide.

The players are harnessed to the poles which means they can only move sideways and have limited movement during the game. Goalkeepers need to be on form as there’s no off side in this game!

Subs are allowed and a foam football is used to prevent injury in this closely fought battle.

If you are after fun, hilarious and the less cliché activities for your Reading hen weekend, don't go past this fabulous combo of Sumo Wrestling, Human Table Football & Beer Keg Racing.

12 people
2 Nights


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