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Munich Hen Do

Home of Oktoberfest, Bierhalles and so many great activities, Munich is ideal for a weekend with the girls.

12 people
2 Nights
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Being the home of Oktoberfest, Bierhalles and unforgettable shopping experiences make Munich the perfect party city. Along with loads of gorgeous guys and a Beer Culture to match, we know you'll be well taken care of on your Hen Weekend. To a beer-loving hen, you've found heaven!

Ladies, if you thought Munich was just about beer festivals and Bratwursts, you need to take another look, because this beautiful city really does have it all for your hen weekend.

With the breath-taking backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, Munich offers up great food and drinks, plenty of culture, history and architecture, as well as unbelievable shopping and incredible spas. The quality is there.

Munich is not to be missed on your Hen Weekend.

Let's get the celebrations off on the right, Bavarian foot with a ride around Munich on the famous Mini Beer Bike. Along with an English speaking guide, you and the girls will ride around Munich, enjoying all the sites and 5 litres of cold beer! Alternatively, for larger groups, we have a bigger Beer Bike, which includes 20 litres of beer.

Hold up ladies, we can go one better. How about a Prosecco Bike instead? Here you get 6 bottles between you, rather than the beer.

In the afternoon, take a short trip down to the studio for our Music Video Experience. Make this a Hen Weekend to remember by making your own, genuine Music Video! With a Professional Cameraman to assist with the production, you and the girls will look as amazing as you feel. Only now you'll have the proof.

At night, hop on the Party Bus and dance the night away! Don't use up all your energy right away, the Party Bus tour lasts around 60 minutes so there is plenty of time afterwards to go clubbing.

On the second day of your Hen Weekend, it may be time to try something different. We have a unique Ice Skating Disco for you to try. Even if you're not confident on ice, its all about the fun from taking part! Especially when you consider how fun it is to watch a friend stack it on the ice...

In the evening, a short walk away from your accommodation, sit down for a meal at a centrally located restaurant to enjoy a delicious, Traditional Dinner.

Munich has a great choice of Hen Weekend activities. There are your more traditional Hen Weekend favourites such as a Make-up Party, with a professional MUA Artist, or the Mini Prosecco Bike.

Unlike in UK locations, Munich can offer many activities that aren't allowed elsewhere. One thing we would have to recommend would be the Pistol & Rifle Shooting, there is no better feeling then loading up a gun and just unloading your clip. Especially when there is Unlimited Ammunition! We guess you can consider it the Hen Weekend equivalent of free refills at your local restaurant.

Here at Maximise we already know girls shoot better than guys, now it's your job to prove it.

If you're feeling lucky, take the plunge and try out our Indoor Skydiving. A once in a lifetime activity and something you don't often get on a Hen Weekend. We would highly recommend it, but not all of us would do it!

The Night is where Munich comes into its own. As a German City, Munich has its fair share of Pubs, Bars and Clubs for you to visit. There are also plenty of top quality restaurants serving up gorgeous food.

Start off by doing what Munich does best, beer! Take some time out of your evening by going to one of Munich's many Biergartens for a drink outside with the girls before the big night begins. Being in Southern Germany, Munich tends to get pretty good weather in the Spring and Summer months so there is no need for an umbrella!

From here, take a short walk to one of the popular, centrally located Bars for our Cocktail Party & Striptease! A drink or two during the day will set you up nicely to enjoy this gorgeous German in his element.

There are also plenty of clubs out here, so we can cater it to you. Music, group size and your budget are just some of the things we consider to put together the perfect Hen Weekend.

Munich is a shopping heartland. There are tons of small boutiques offering one of a kind items as well as larger chains offering some immense discounts. For some unforgettable shopping, trips take a look at the Neuhauser and Kaufingerstraße areas. As well as The Fünf Höfe on Theatinerstraße.

With some of the best beers in the world, you'd expect Munich to price their beer as such. You're wrong, beer in Munich is fantastically priced. A pint will set you back anywhere from £2.50 to £3.50, and when you consider the quality, its a great price. Other alcohols like Wine and Spirits are also well priced when in comparison with the UK.

If you're planning on flying from a London airport you should get to Munich within 2 hours. The flights are amazing value, sometimes you can find return flights for around £50, depending on the time of year.

Looking for a Hangover Cure? If an early morning Spa session doesn't do the trick, and then breakfast is eaten in vain, take a walk down to the English Gardens (Englischer Gartens). It's a huge, public park in the city centre, There are many walkways, seating areas and a calm, chilled out atmosphere. Don't be surprised to see the occasional nude sunbather, it's just the nude joggers you want to avoid...

12 people
2 Nights


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