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Wine Tasting on your Hen Weekend in Malta


  • 90-minute Wine Tasting
  • Tasting of 5 Maltese Wines
  • Visit of the wine cellars
  • Assistance and explanations of a sommelier

Wine Tasting in Malta : Information

Wine Tasting

Or what we like to call Sophisticate Day Drinking for the Hen Weekend in Malta! 

Don't worry if you haven't ever had any Maltese wine before, you're not alone. Even some of the biggest wine connoisseurs probably have never got their lips on  Maltese Wine.

With less than 2,000 acres cultivated with vines, the Island produces less wine per year than the likes of Peru and Japan. And what they do produce, the locals almost completely polish off all that their handful of wineries produce. 

So, once on the land, don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy some of this limited wine with this Maltese Wine Tasting session.

More about Maltese Wine:

While the island’s wine producing traditions date as far back as  2,000 years ago, only a mere trickle of Malta's modest output makes it to England, France and Italy. And, this has only been in recent years as the archipelago emerges as one of Europe’s most promising wine regions.

And despite the fact, Malta is the smallest independent wine-producing countries in the world, for its production size, there's an enormous selection of white, red and rosé wines to choose from.

The grape varieties grown on the Island include the two indigenous varieties named Gellewza (red) and Ghirgentina (white). In addition to this, several international varieties are also grown in Malta.

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