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Sexy Wake-Up for the Hen Weekend in Malta


  • 15 Minute striptease
  • The stripper comes to your accommodation
  • The best wake-up call for the groom-to-be

Sexy Wake-Up in Malta : Information

Wake the sleeping beauty with 'Prince Charming' during her hen weekend in Malta!

And, by Prince Charming, we mean a hunky stripper and this Sexy Wake-Up!

And by Sleeping Beauty, we mean the bride-to-be...

Hangover or not, this Sexy Wake-Up is the ideal way to get the hen out of bed and celebrating day two of her hen weekend in style!

A tad of planning comes into the Sexy Wake-Up, it's not hard, but one of the members of the bride's tribe will need to rise and shine before the bride-to-be. Generally, this falls on the organiser. They will need to let the stripper into the sleeping bride' room. Sadly, this means you'll need to rely on conventional methods like an alarm clock to wake up. Boring we know, but don't worry you'll still get to enjoy the striptease so it's worth it!

The hunky stripper will knock loudly before letting his sexy self into the room why the hen is still out to it. Of course, this will be to the sound of "housekeeping".

And, don't worry there is no missing out for you or the rest of the hen party, you'll all be able to come into the room too.

12 people
2 Nights


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