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Murder Mystery Evening for my Leeds Hen Weekend


  • Starring role for the Bride-to-be
  • Choice of themes
  • A personalised script for the group
  • Props which are the hen's to keep
  • Characters for each person
  • Daytime or evening
  • Fancy dress encouraged but not included
  • Private dinner can be added at extra cost
  • Minimum of 8 people required for this activity

Murder Mystery Evening in Leeds : Information

Solve the murder!

Murder Mystery Evening is a unique Whodunit with a Hen Party twist. It's a fully interactive activity so it really is ideal for girls who want to get everyone involved and have fun as a group!

There are plenty of amazing Hen Weekend experiences waiting for you, but its time to break away from the typical activities and Murder Mystery Evening is the perfect solution. There are two scenarios that you can decide from, one of them is based in the 1920's and the other is a modern day scenario.

This activity includes professional actors who are there to ensure it all goes smoothly, as well as playing some crucial parts in the mystery. It is fully immersive, meaning you and the girls will have roles to play as well and anyone who doesn't have a role, plays a detective.

The murderer is a total unknown so you need to put your detective skills to the test, uncover the clues and unwrap the mystery itself. Just don't go around accusing everyone until you get a confession, that's not how it works!

The activity is available day or night, but we recommend doing it in the evening so you can have a delicious dinner included. All that detective work is bound to make anyone hungry.

The two scenarios you can choose from for the Murder Mystery Evening:

We have a couple of scenarios for you girls to choose from, but you're welcome to make a few changes if you like. Some of the changes aren't possible, just due to the complexity of the evening, but if you have small changes like characters you want to play, or something embarrassing for the Hen, just speak to our team and we'll see what we can do!

Hen Party: Murder Mystery - Are you and the girls ready for the luxury of the red carpet? The glitz and glamour of Oi! magazine awaits as you and the rest of the group are scheduled to be in the first edition of the new celebrity magazine, but it doesn't quite go to plan... someone has been murdered! And the murderer is in this room...

Death & The Maiden Voyage - Based in the 1920's on a chic ocean liner, you and the girls will be enjoying the maiden voyage of this new cruise ship when a photographer mysteriously goes missing... your task? To find who murdered them and bring them to justice!

Why book the Murder Mystery Evening for a Hen Do?

Its totally different to all other Hen Party activities so if you and the girls are wanting a new, unique activity rather than the common Hen Weekend activities then this is the one for you. It's absolutely hilarious, we don't want to live in a world where accusing your friends of murder is anything less than fun!

We offer a dinner with the package and its a great way to split up the evening and keep the mystery running for longer.

The Murder Mystery Evening is ideal for larger groups of around 20 or more, though smaller groups are welcome as well. There aren't too many activities that can entertain a group of Hen's for hours on end but this is certainly one that can. All the girls have a part to play, whether it be the murderer, the victim, or one of the detectives, everyone is involved for the duration.

We can arrange for the activity to take place in your apartment, or another kind of private accommodation. If you're staying elsewhere and don't have a private area we can provide one instead!

What to do before or after the Murder Mystery Evening:

Treat your taste buds to some luxury with our Wine Tasting or maybe even go all out with Chocolate & Wine Tasting

We have many fantastic Dance classes on offer in Leeds and some of our favourites are the Spice Girls Dance Experience and the 90's Dance Party.

The great activities don't stop there, Leeds has a tonne of nightlife options as well and a Guided Bar Crawl has to be on top of any Hen agenda.

Good to Know:

A minimum of 8 people are required for this activity.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Hen Party in Leeds, this Murder Mystery Evening activity, or any of Maximise's Hen Weekend Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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