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Murder Mystery Evening for my Hen Weekend


  • Starring role for the Bride-to-be
  • Choice of themes
  • A personalised script for the group
  • Props which are the hen's to keep
  • Characters for each person
  • Daytime or evening
  • Fancy dress encouraged but not included
  • Private dinner can be added at extra cost
  • Minimum of 8 people required for this activity

Murder Mystery Evening in Chester : Information

A murderer is on the loose!

Our Murder Mystery Evening is the Hen Weekend twist on a classic Whodunit, its completely interactive and perfect entertainment for any hen group. It's the best way to get everyone involved in something fresh, fun and unique.

Try out something new during the Hen Weekend in Chester, break away from the typical Hen Do activities with the Murder Mystery Evening. There are a couple scenarios you can choose from, one is modern day and the other is 1920's, though we will go over them in more detail later.

Its a fully immersive activity and you will have professional actors present to host the event and play some of the key characters in the story. There is a starring part for the Hen to play, as well as parts for other girls in the group, everyone else plays detectives.

No one knows who the killer is, except for the killer themselves. So its time to put your detective skills to work to find out which one of the girls is a murderous sicko...

The activity is available day or night, but we recommend doing it in the evening so you can have a delicious dinner included. Lets be honest, all that thinking and pondering will make anyone hungry.

The scenarios you can choose from during the Murder Mystery Evening:

There are a couple of different scenarios that you can choose from, but if you fancy something different you can always request it. Most of the time we will be able to accommodate small changes like a certain character you want to play, or some jokes you think the Hen may enjoy, or not enjoy!

Hen Party: Murder Mystery - You and the girls are ready for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but all of a sudden one of you is cast as a murderer! Step onto the red carpet at the launch of a new, celebrity magazine called Oi! before the fully immersive experience begins and one of you is discovered to be the murderer. You play celebrity characters and of course the live actors are there to bring this production to life.

Death & The Maiden Voyage - Based in the 1920's, this fully immersive experience is a scenario on a chic ocean liner. You and the girls will be enjoying cocktail hour when the photographer mysteriously goes missing... your task is to find out who murdered them!

Why choose the Murder Mystery Evening for a Hen Party?

There is nothing quite like the Murder Mystery Evening, its unique and fairly new to the Hen Weekend scene, especially compared to the more traditional activities. So if you think the Hen will prefer something new and fresh then this is what you're looking for. It's a guaranteed laugh and accusing your friends of murder doesn't happen so often... unless you have seriously strange friends.

We include an option for a meal during the activity so you detectives won't be going hungry! It splits up the evening and keeps everything going smoothly, plus who can say no to a lovely dinner?

Keeping a group of 15/20 women entertained can be difficult, especially when you consider most Hen Party activities are targeted towards smaller groups. For Murder Mystery this couldn't be further from the truth, its perfect for larger groups because everyone has a part to play in solving the mystery.

This activity can be held in private accommodation, such as an apartment. However, if you don't have anywhere to stage it we can provide a function room for you.

What to do before or after the Murder Mystery Evening:

A nice summers day in Chester is perfect for a Hen Weekend, and a chilled out River Cruise is the drink-in-hand relaxation you all need. Or if you fancy a Sightseeing River Cruise we can arrange that as well.

There are a plethora of dance classes available and some of our favourites are the Showgirls Experience and the Can Can Dance Experience

Chester is for those who prefer the classy Hen Weekend and a Reserved Party Area & Drinks is exactly what you girls need to feel VIP.

Good to Know:

A minimum of 8 people are required for this activity.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Hen Party in Chester, this Murder Mystery Evening activity, or any of Maximise's Hen Weekend Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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