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Our naughtiest Hen Party activities across the UK & Europe

Got a bride who has a bit of promiscuous side. Or, perhaps you just want to spice things up and make her hot under the collar. Either way, we’ve got you covered with this list of naughty hen party activities!

Some of our hen parties want quaint and classy. But some of our hen parties want fun, flirty and freaking fabulous. This list is clearly for the latter.

Wherever you’re headed, the UK or abroad, and regardless of what time of year it is… we can make it happen for your hen weekend with these naughty hen party activities...

From the cute, sort of quaint and almost suitable for your Nan - Cheeky Butlers

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Good service is so hard to find...

Said no one ever when refering to the amazing, sexy and very charming Butlers in the Buff!

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This is one of our all-time favourite activities and never fails to impress our hoards of hen parties. It's certainly 'cheeky' and a great naughty little addition to a hen weekend. 

The girls can celebrate the hen weekend in style as you sit and relax and get waited on by a very sexy half-naked butler. This Butler in the Buff is sure to heat up the hen weekend celebrations.

Drink, laugh and enjoy the view as your butler, wearing nothing but a tiny apron waits on you and the girls. Whatever you need, he is there to serve and deliver!

A Butler in The Buff is a fantastic addition to a Hen Party and will turn your event into a truly memorable one, from fun to flirty and fabulous!

The Butler in the Buff activity is available in Prague, Benidorm, Barcelona, Ibiza, Budapest, Nottingham, Tenerife, Southampton, Marbella, Glasgow, Reading, Algarve, Chester, Amsterdam, Magaluf, London, Bristol, Brighton, York, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newquay, Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford, Bournemouth, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Benalmadena, Valencia and Madrid. 

To the slightly cheekier Body Painting

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Not on yourselves, a naked man obviously!

I mean, it wouldn't be much fun or naughty without a stunning specimen to stare at now would it!

So, you and the girls can explore your creative side during your hen weekend with a naughty art class known as Body Painting!!

Matisse, Van Gogh, Breuge are all great, BUT, none of them got to use a sexy and hunky model as their canvas.

Regardless of your hen weekend destination, these guys have met plenty of hen parties before, from the really wild to the prim and proper and they will make sure you're all totally comfortable.

Then it's paintbrushes at the ready, girls! Make sure to get some photos after to remember him and your artwork by!

The Body Painting Hen Weekend activity is available in a number of destinations including Swansea, Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Bournemouth, Leeds, Blackpool, Oxford, York, Liverpool, Dublin, Reading, Chester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester, Newquay, Bristol and Lisbon.

To something you never want to see your Nan - or perhaps any family member - the Lap Dance Essentials Class

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A dance class during a hen weekend is always a hit. But this Lap Dance Essentials Class is far more flirty and naughty than the usual Grease, Beyonce, Hip-Hop, Rnb and other favourites

Guaranteed to make you feel like a sex kitten on your hen weekend, this is the ultimate guide to a sexy lap dance. Performed with a ‘human chair’, this Lap Dance Essentials Class teaches you and the girls the art of the lap dance and is glamorously seductive.

The session guides you through the outrageous teasing and flirting that is the key to lap dancing and our instructors will quickly have you gracefully moving from one position to another like a true professional.

We will let you into ALL the tricks of the trade so you can become the ultimate seductress when you get home to your partner. 

Or practice the wedding night moves Flirting, Seducing & Teaseing Lessons

Maximise is not one to skimp on variety, which is why we have three flirty, fun, naughty and slightly promiscuous classes on offer.

Of course, in no particular order, we have the Secrets To Giving Pleasure Workshop, the Tantalise & Tease Workshop and the Flirt & Seduction Class

Go on be a devil and partake one of these unique activities during the hen weekend.

This Secrets To Giving Pleasure Workshop is designed to let you and your hen party in on the secrets of giving pleasure. It's the chance to learn the techniques every woman should know in a fun workshop with your besties.

Described as foreplay lessons for "ladies who love men", this is a 2-hour hands-very-much-on workshop for hen parties on the mysteries of male sexuality. With a lighthearted attitude and a welcome glass of bubbly to rid you of those hen night inhibitions, you'll all have a great time and plenty of memories!

And then there is the Tantalise & Tease Workshop...

Ok. We’re just going to come straight out and say it. This is a naughty class. Really quite naughty. Not for the prudish. Possibly not for Nana Flo either.

This saucy Tantalise & Tease Workshop is comprised of three amazingly seductive sections.

Step one is all things Flirting - Learn the science behind the art form and discover how a little flirting every day can boost your skills and increase your overall allure.

Then it's onto step two, Bedroom tips - We have props. This is a hands-on 'show and tells' style lesson. Enough said.

You'll figure the rest out on the day!

The third and final step is putting it all together into a perfect a slinky striptease or lap dance!

And last, but not least, the Flirt & Seduction Class...

This tongue in cheek Flirt & Seduction Class is the ideal activity for all those girls looking for some naughty, but nice, fun on their hen weekend.

You may have bagged your perfect man but this class will teach you how to keep and control him through the art of seduction!

This fun two-hour class will teach you all about the art of seduction while arousing your own senses, you will learn how to walk, talk, taste, flirt and seduce confidently by the end of your saucy session.

Take it a step further and get your BDSM on with a Dominatrix Class!

Get a little law and order on your hen weekend!

If you and the girls are a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, the bride's tribe are going to love this Dominatrix Class during the hen weekend.

Available throughout a number of our UK hen party destinations, you'll head to a centrally located private venue where you'll be met by your friendly and experienced dominatrix and her slave.

She'll give you a brief introduction to BDSM as well as play some icebreaker games with you all to get you all laughing and relaxed. The starring role for the slave with all the props you'd expect from a BDSM class, before moving on to a spanking lesson followed up by a roping lesson.

Your dominatrix teacher will also help you all come up with your own dominatrix names before you come to the final section of the class, free play with your submissive and an opportune time to get some pictures to remember the weekend... not that you'd be forgetting in a hurry anyway.

And, then there is the 50 Shades of Grey Dance Class...

Mr Grey will see you now girls...

It's been a few years since 50 Shades of Grey first heated up our book clubs and movie nights, but the 50 Shades of Grey Dance Class and 50 Shades of Grey Party is still as hottttt as ever!

When it comes to the 50 Shades of Grey Dance Class, you and the girls will start off by learning the art of seduction, blending burlesque dance moves with striptease, all to the 50 Shades of Grey movie soundtrack.

After you've perfected all your moves, a gorgeous suited man will be sauntering in to join your group in perfect Christian Grey style.

What you do while he's there is up to you and the girls (within reason!) and he'll make sure to pay extra special attention to the hen. Willing participants may be lightly whipped! 

And, as for the 50 Shades of Grey Party,  you and the girls will learn all about the world of BDSM in a fun and laid back environment on your hen weekend.

During the two-hour class, our trained seductress will show you how to arouse your senses, show restraint and teach you about punishments and rewards.

You'll be heading home with a whole new skill set.

Great fun and oh so flirty...enjoy! 

Crafting of a different kind with Nipple Tassels 

You never know when you might need some Nipple Tassels, so why not make some during the hen weekend.

It's sure to be a creative workshop for artsy hen parties that nobody will be forgetting in a hurry!

With a vast array of materials to work with including Swarovski crystals, sequins, kitsch fabrics, silk and tassels, you'll create your very own burlesque pasties or nipple tassels.

Art comes in many forms...but, it's safe to say, these will be utter masterpieces.

But don't worry, there are templates ready for the less artistically gifted.

Gifted or not, this activity is perfect for a giggle with the girls on the bride's big weekend.

This fun and creative Nipple Tassel Making Class is available throughout the UK in Bournemouth, Glasgow, Swansea, York, Liverpool, London, Southampton, Reading - Maximise Hen Weekends, Nottingham, Newquay, Edinburgh, Chester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Blackpool. 

Enjoy something out of Magic Mike with a Girls Night Out Show!


No need to dream about it, enjoy a 3-hour show Magic Mike-inspired live show with nearly naked waiters to do body shots off during the hen weekend.

This is what hen parties are all about!

Of course, that's not all, there is also some free shots, a complimentary glass of wine and so much more to be enjoyed during our Girls Night Out activity and Magic Mike Experience.

And, with our VIP Packages, the bride-to-be gets to enjoy the real Magic Mike experience as she will join one of the performers up on stage.

In addition to these two great activities, we also have an X-Rated Male Strip Show in Berlin and there are also Girls Only Strip Clubs in Bordeaux, Hamburg and Ibiza.

And then, there is also a VIP Girls Night Out with Pleasure Boys in Dublin and a number of our UK hen party destinations.

Either way, these are sure to spice up the evening's celebrations! 

Or if that doesn’t float your boat… maybe the slightly outrageous Pimp your Dildo workshop will do

It's doesn't get more hilarious or unique than the Pimp your Dildo workshop for a hen weekend in Amsterdam...

Besides, what is a hen weekend without a little bit of permission fun, especially in the original city and most liberal capital city in the world?

This hilarious 60-minute workshop will see you decorating your very own male appendage with paint, glitter and anything else you see fit.

The workshop is hosted in the heart of the Red Light District in a friendly and relaxed environment. Don't worry if you are a Dildo Pimping virgin, the Pimp your Dildo workshop is aimed at beginners and one of the experienced dildo designers will be on hand throughout the workshop to help you all embrace your sexy creative side.

Regardless if you are Picasso with the paintbrush or still can't master a stick figure, this Pimp your Dildo workshop guarantees you and the girls have a truly unforgettable and completely fun and unique experience during the hen weekend in Amsterdam.

From a Sexy Wake-Up, Airport Transfers, Hummer or Limo Tours to Dinner Shows, Cruises and Private Stripteases at your accommodation - the original naughty fun of a stripper during a hen weekend is always a winner in our eyes!

For help planning any aspect of a Hen Weekend– naughty or otherwise – enquire online or chat with a member of our Hen Weekend Team on 0208 236 0111.

We have 20-years in the business and know what it takes to make a memorable and amazing hen weekend!