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Smash Room for your Bordeaux Hen Weekend


  • Smash Room
  • 15-20 minutes of activity depending on the size of the group
  • Instructor
  • All security equipment provided
  • Destruction tools (crowbar, bat, mace)
  • 12 person maximum
  • Items in the Smash Room include TVs, computers, tables, chairs, crockery printers and more

Smash Room in Bordeaux : Information

Forget about the wine, pastries or pampering. Have you ever wanted to take a bat to a room and smash it to pieces?

Because now you can on your hen weekend in Bordeaux with this ridiculous and slightly insane Smash Room activity.

Perhaps the Car Smash activity that's gaining attention throughout Europe wasn't enough action for the French. Either way, this Smash Room will see you loaded up with various smashing and bashing tools to destroy a room.

The room is far from stripped bare either, there will be chairs, tables, crockery, TVs, computers, the full works for you to smash into a thousand pieces. So, get a bat and get to work!

As we said, this Smash Room activity is slightly insane and ridiculous activity. But it's also fun, memorable and something different for your hen weekend in Bordeaux.

After all, it can't be wine and French pastries the whole stag weekend!


The activity has a maximum of 12 people and you will have 15-20 minutes of activity depending on the size of the group.

12 people
2 Nights


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